What to Expect

We are a very warm and friendly church.  We are blessed with a very diverse church family; made up of people of different ethnic groups, backgrounds, and ages.  We strive to make everyone feel welcome.

The worship music is a mixture of praise choruses, hymns, and contemporary Christian songs.  We are blessed with a church choir that joyfully leads the congregation.  We are delighted to have a gifted pianist, accomplished organist, and upbeat drummer to guide us.

The dress is predominantly casual.  There are some who wear coats and ties, but we want everyone to come as they are.  We promise you will not feel out of place.

The preaching is always directly out of the Bible, with illustrations and a goal of applying God’s Word to our modern day lives.  There are fill in the blank out lines available to help everyone stay on track.

We have a welcome desk, just inside the front door to answer any additional questions.  We hope your family will be able to join us and be encouraged by the love of God.